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Experience Healing, Wholeness and Joy through training workshops designed to build skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to fulfill your life’s purpose with skill and enthusiasm and retreats designed to calm the mind and bring a sense of wellbeing and wholeness. Training workshops are designed to provide real life application though interactive, engaging, and reflective activities. From half-day to week-long training experiences, individuals and groups will chart a direction to achieve results through healthy decisions and actions.  Retreats vary from local day experiences to multi-day overnight getaways all designed with nature, creativity, relaxation, self reflection and renewal for the mind, body and spirit. 


Cost based on size of group, length of training, location of training and retreat experience.

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I had a 5 star Yelp Review kinda day yesterday.

(Some benefactor treated/forced me into a self care day that I participated in and y’all didn’t even know it )


Thank you to Dancing Water USA for the amazing space and service during my Retreat Day yesterday. You would have never guessed I was the inaugural patron. 5 star service, space, and food just for your type.


From start to finish it was exactly what I needed:

Complete disconnection from electronics

Carefully curated playlist

Variety of relaxation spaces within the space

Amazing beverage options

Awesome coaching session

3-course dinner

Great wine selection

Massage under stars


*Took 2 short great naps


Book your day ASAP and you won’t be disappointed!

Dancing Water was truly a wonderful experience. I look forward to taking my reflections and putting them into practice. Lisa and Queen are amazing. 10/10 recommend. 

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