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DancingWater was founded on the mission of providing spaces and experiences for individual and group health, wholeness and joy.

In 2009, Lisa Moore established DancingWater.  Her decades of leadership experience taught her one hard lesson... if you do not take time to refresh and renew along life's journey, the daily reality of change and challenge will take an emotional and physical toll.  Success is only possible when individuals and groups are operating from a place of health, wholeness and joy.  It is from this grounding that DancingWater provides a variety of experiences including retreats, coaching, travel excursions and prose all designed to equip participants with the ability to live a healthy, whole and joyous life so that they may experience personal and professional success.  

Talented leaders and facilitators provide unique experiences to help participants navigate the rivers of life with courage, grace and joy!

The DancingWater team looks forward to supporting your life journey!

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