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DancingWater Day Retreat

To be at our best and live a healthy life, we must renew our mind, body and spirit.  DancingWater is offering safe individual renewal experiences at the Founder Lisa Moore’s outdoor urban oasis. 

The DancingWater Renewal Package offers a full at your pace renewing experience including: lounge on the DancingWater Deck where you can nap, read, day dream, or just soak in the sun; float in the refreshing pool water; listen to your choice of relaxing music; nourish your body with a fresh delicious meal and quench your thirst with complementary sparkling waters and juices; make meaning of what you are facing or working through/towards in a personal coaching session; and release tension and energize healing with an herbs and elements outdoor massage. 


This day of renewal is sure to bring a sense of peace and well-being that will mobilize you to achieve your goals in health and wellness. 


DancingWater Deck

This three tier place of peace provides retreat guests with a variety of spaces to relax and unwind.  The lower deck has umbrella covered dining tables and chaise lounge.  The middle deck has a fire pit and comfortable seating.  The upper deck has chaise lounges and pool access.  Whatever your heart desires, there is a space for you on the DancingWater Deck.


Refreshing Pool

This 24-foot round above ground pool is a beautiful oasis in the city that welcomes all!  Swimming skills are not required as there is no deep end… a wonderful 4.5-foot-deep depth allows you relax knowing you are taller than the waterline.  Comfortable floats are available so you may lay back and float with easy to melt away any stress and discomfort! 


DancingWater Coaching

Upon booking a renewal retreat, Lisa Moore will speak with you to discuss your goals for your retreat.  A personal coaching session will be provided with you during your retreat to support your journey, make meaning of what is surfacing for you in the retreat, and seek clarity for going forward in health and wellness. 


Delicious Meal and Beverages

Throughout your retreat complementary sparkling waters and juices are provided in the cooler on the upper deck.  A delicious meal of fresh produce and proteins is provided to nourish your body.  Upon booking a renewal retreat, Lisa Moore will speak with you to discuss how to customize this meal to be the most uniquely nourishing for YOU. 


Renewal Massage

A massage experience like nothing else awaits you on the upper deck. Nestled between the elements of earth, water, fire and sky, Queen Titile will provide you with an herbs and elements massage as completion of your full retreat experience designed to renew your mind, body and spirit. 

Dancing Water Renewal Retreat is designed to meet you where you are.  You may choose the full Renewal Package to include all elements: Pool/Deck Relaxation; Delicious Customized Meal; Personal Coaching Session; Renewal Massage OR you may mix and match ala carte style to select only the components you desire in your retreat. 


Retreat times are available weekly Thursday through Saturday from 1:00pm – 9:00pm

Renewal Package Timing:

1:00pm          Arrival and tour of the facilities

1:30pm          DancingWater Deck and Pool Relaxation

5:00pm          DancingWater Coaching Session

6:30pm          Delicious Customized Meal

7:30pm          Renewal Massage


Pricing is as follows:

Renewal Package $160


Pool/Deck relaxation.

Delicious meal.

Coaching Session.


Renewal ala carte:

Massage. $90

Pool/Deck relaxation. $20

Delicious Meal. $20

Coaching Session. $50


In this time of the coronavirus the DancingWater Renewal Retreat is an individual experience with only one quest at a time allowed.  Safety precautions to ensure your safety and wellness are taken including: the retreat experience is outdoors and all surfaces are sanitized before and after each retreat.  Facilitators Lisa Moore and Queen Titile take personal precautions to ensure your health and safety including wearing a mask. 

To Book or Request More Information

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